Delphi Papers International Inc. is an international exporter of paper products. Our primary markets that we service are in the Far East. Specifically, we export to China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. We have an established customer base and offices throughout the Far East to service our accounts. Commitment to providing value to our customers, and establishing long term relationships with our suppliers is our motto. Delphi Papers has the capacity to grow rapidly in these markets because of the understanding of several key factor of success, these are; business culture, language, and most importantly, the development of lasting business relationships since 1988.

Delphi Papers International Inc. works with different paper mills in North America to tap into the Far East markets. With our experience in these markets, we are able to meet our customers' demands, and establish a niche market for our company.

Delphi Papers International Inc. specializes in stock-lot, secondary, mill-reject, surplus, and job lot grades of paper. All of our paper is currently for export only. Delphi Papers has a warehouse storage facility in Maple, Ontario. We have branch offices in Beijing, and Tianjin, China. Our other overseas office is in Hong Kong, as well as a joint-venture paper converting operation in Guangzhou, China. Currently we are in the process of opening a branch office in Taipei, Taiwan. We export paper of various grades and types. Primarily, we export Coated and Uncoated Freesheet, Art paper, Coated Groundwood, Label and Release Paper. Board Grades such as Coated SBS, Milk Carton and cup Stock, Kraft Liner Board, Clay Coated News/Kraft Back and Mottled White Liner Board.

Delphi Papers guarantees that any mill rejected paper will not be re-introduced into the same competitive markets, since everything is exported overseas. Another benefit is that we are able to ship out any excess inventory a mill may have by being able to accept a wide range of tolerances. Specifically, we can accept all width sizes, both sheeted and rolls that may have gouges, core damage, water damage, etc.. Delphi papers can also assist mills in establishing an initial presence in the Asia-Pacific region, should they ever decide to do so. As the market matures in the Far-East, there will be even greater demand for quality mill products. We want to assist paper mills in making this transition by using our contacts and experience in this region.